"At first, I was skeptical about driving a Jeep. We have never owned a car which was mounted so high, and I wondered how I would feel about driving it. I pulled out of Suburban's parking lot after a few minutes of instruction, and I needed to go to Kroger's, so it's parking lot was my first stop. Returning after my errand, I had a chance to try the keyless entry, which was very convenient since my hands were full of groceries. Not having a car with keyless entry, it took me a day or two to become accustomed to opening the car door without having to pull out a key. It proved to be one of the real pluses of the new car for me. The Jeep handled the road easily and the ride was much smoother than I would have expected with the Jeep's suspension. I was beginning to feel very comfortable with my loaned "ride", and it became more and more fun zipping around town as I became more and more familiar with it. In fact I was reluctant to give it up, but I didn't want the Suburban's salesforce to worry that I had absconded with their sporty, well appointed, nicely designed, and comfortable, Jeep Trailhawk." (Shortened by SCDJRAA for length)