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OEM Car Brakes

Regular maintenance on your vehicle's brakes is vital to ensuring the safety of your passengers and yourself. Being able to stop quickly may mean the difference between arriving at your destination safely or being involved in an accident.

Your car's braking system has an array of parts, each requiring precise maintenance. From brake pads to rotors and cylinders, each part plays a role in allowing your vehicle to stop quickly and effectively. If you notice any irregularities in your vehicle's braking, it may be time for repair work.

    A few brake warning signs:
  • Brake warning light comes on
  • Your car pulls to the right or left when braking instead of stopping in a straight line
  • Brake pedal feels "mushy" or hard to depress
  • Jerky or violent stops
  • Unusual noise or vibrations when brakes are applied

Most new cars will require brake service after about 30,000 miles. It is important to inspect your brakes for wear before every winter and summer, because extreme temperatures may hinder your brakes' effectiveness. Although some brake repairs can be do-it-yourself jobs, many should be left to a certified technician to complete. If you have any questions or think it's time for repairs, stop by Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Ann Arbor.

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